"Both articles are an impressive achievement that bring a new layer of understanding to laser scanning. Dr Spring has created a body of work that will continue to be relevant - as laser and "lidar" technologies continue to go mainstream. The level of detail and understanding presented in these articles emphasize that the author is a leader in his field."
Ed Catmull,
co-founder of Pixar, former President of Walt Disney Animation Studios and father of texture mapping

1:  Space and Defense Applications

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2: The Later Phase of Industrial and Heritage Applications

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"These articles convey just how wired into the key developments of laser scanning Dr Spring is, both on national and the international stage, as his work keeps reminding me. He is clearly in the upper echelons of this market and research field. He has outstanding knowledge and insights into the currently evolving technologies like the digital twin and reality capture. This two-part history of his - much like its author - is a rare and complete insight. It reveals the brilliant research skills of a unique and independent thinker, with an innate talent for sensing the less obvious gaps missed by others. Aside from the academic angle, he combines a natural eye for business and technology trends with an uncanny knack for getting to the heart of people’s motivation and psychology."
Arol Wolford
original board member of Revit Technology Corporation (now Autodesk Revit), founder of Construction Market Data (CMD) and CEO of VIM AEC
"Here Dr. Spring brings his unique talents in plumbing the depths of oft-ignored fields. Once again, he brings up pearls. These articles are a victory for all of us who care deeply about digital spatial capture, and its history. Recalling James Burke, Dr. Spring shows disciplines intersecting with surprising, mutual benefits -- he lights the way for those who recognize that this spirit of collaboration holds keys to the future."
Kevin Cain
Director INSIGHT
“When I started covering commercial 3D-capture technology professionally in 2014, I pulled together information from a variety of disparate, incomplete sources to understand the history of the technology. Dr Spring’s articles accomplish what no other resource has—it lays out a clear, unbiased, and comprehensive material history for laser scanning. If it had been available at the beginning of my career, it might have cut a year off of my learning curve.”
Sean Higgins

former Managing Editor, SPAR3D.com & AECST.com
Covering from the 1970's (and sometimes earlier) through the present day, the author discusses most of the key influencers in the field while including, for example, observations on the sources of funding and the effects of auxiliary technology, like graphics cards. The breadth of coverage on current surveying scanners will likely stand unmatched for some time to come.”
Paul Besl

co-creator of the iterative closest point algorithm (otherwise known as ICP)
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